Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sandia Peak Tramway Albuquerque, New Mexico

Yesterday was a day trip to take the tram to the top of Sandia Peak. Today Robin went on a tour of Old Town and shopping.....hope we have some gas money left......  I stayed home with Bud and relaxed.  Bum knee and really didn't want to do that much walking.

 Here is a link to the tram history.

Sandia Peak Tramway

The morning started out pretty cloudy so we were worried that we wouldn't see much when you got to the top.  The Balloon take-offs had been cancelled because of the direction of the wind and it was pretty strong.  We had gotten some rain the night before.

When the wind to towards the North the balloons don't like to fly because they end up over the Indian Reservation and the Indians get kind of cranky about it.

We boarded a bus supplied by the Adventure Caravans Rally and headed up the hill to get on the tram into the mountains.  When we arrived the rally had already purchased our tickets so we didn't even have to wait in line.

The ride up was awesome and as always the pictures don't begin to do it justice.

The tram was pretty steady except when we went over the towers.  When we reached the top it was very windy and about 38 degrees.  Brrrrr!  Good thing I brought my jacket.  Once at the top we had reservations at the High Finance Restaurant.  We both had a Coby beef burger.  Yum!!  All paid for by the Rally.  The weather had cleared up and the view was amazing.

We headed back down after lunch and viewing and got back on the bus and headed home.  Got back and relaxed a little before the Rally group dinner.  One thing, we don't have to worry about is getting hungry, they feed us pretty good.

Here is a link to more photos and I am a going to try and link a video that I took (by accident).

Tram photos

Tram video

Video takes a minute to load so be patient.

Hope you enjoy....

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