Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 @ Doheny SB

Well we have just returned from four days, including Thanksgiving at Doheny SB. I won't review the campground here as we have stayed there before and have reviewed it in an earlier blog.
We arrived at the campground Wednesday night after work. It was dark when we got there but we have been there before so it wasn't so bad setting up in the dark. Don't usually like setting up after dark as it is pretty easy to kiss a tree or something.

Thursday morning was nice and sunny and temps are supposed to get into the 80's for the day. Early morning coffee and take Buddee for a walk so Robin can sleep in a little.

Soon Robin is getting stuff together for breakfast and the temp is warming up to be a great day. A little R&R around the campsite and enjoying the ocean and it is time to get the Turkey and fixings together for a 4pm dinner. We had a friend join us and she brought candied yams and coleslaw. Robin had deboned the turkey so it fit nicely in the oven. The turkey was nested on the top of dressing. This was the first time using the oven for something as large as the turkey and it worked just fine. After dinner everyone relaxed in the sunshine and napped.

Friday Robin had to be at work so the kids, dogs, and I spent the day napping and people watching and enjoying the sunshine as it was another nice day. Robin got back from work and we enjoyed turkey leftovers for dinner. Friday night the weather turned colder and we had some rain over night, some pretty heavy at times.

Saturday the day started cooler and the rain moving off to the south. The sun was warm but the wind remained cool for the day.
Saturday night we had a campfire and went inside and played some cards and off to bed.

Sunday morning is was time to call and end to a wonderful weekend and head back to the work week. We had a great time.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

South Carlsbad SB, Carlsbad, Ca

This weekend we had the pleasure of staying at this campground for the first time. We were surprised that we hadn't heard more good things about it.
This San Diego beach features swimming, surfing, skin diving, fishing and picnicking. The large bluff top campground is very popular, especially in summer. Stairs lead to the beach.
We were in the loop of sites 130 to 222. There were sites on each side of the road, we had one located on the bluff side of the road. The sites are wide and small trees separated the sites from each other. Very private. This is a no hookup campground but they have bathrooms and pay showers. We did not check them out as we have all that on board.
The slideshow I have added will give you idea of the size of some of the sites. Some sites were not very deep but ours was deep enough we could have put another MH in it. I fact we saw one that had a 5er and a class "C" on each side of the same site and still had room between them.

A description of the beach:
South Carlsbad is on the Southern California coast between Oceanside and San Diego. The sand lies below the bluffs. Up above is the state campground. There is good swimming here. You can also fish, surf and snorkel.

At the campground at the top of the stairs there is a small grocery convenience store, beach rentals, restrooms and showers. The 226 campsites are on the bluff overlooking the blue Pacific. Try to get one on the ocean side. You take the stairs down to the beach below.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grizzly and Wolf Center, West Yellowstone, MT

This is kind of out of sequence as I should have posted this with the Yellowstone trip. It is interesting enough to post it so I will do so now. I have linked their website in the title of the post so you can see for yourself how important this center is to the grizzly and grey wolf. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop and go though the center, it is well worth it.

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center offers every visitor to Yellowstone a chance to uniquely experience
the world of grizzly bears and gray wolves. All the animals at the Center are unable to survive in the wild
and serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts.

Please click on the link to see all of things they do. We took several pictures of the two grizzlies at their feeding time. Awesome to watch. The grey wolves were napping at the time we were there so not many pictures of them.
Enjoy the slideshow.