Friday, December 30, 2016

Review of 2016

This post will probably be without pictures as I wanted to post about the years events.  This was a big year for us.  We went from working stiffs to retired people full time traveling in an RV.

We started out with a five year plan to be able to see some of this beautiful country.  This was year five when all of it was going to come together.....and it did.

January of 2016 started with us putting the house on the market, hoping to sell by July.  It also started the process for getting everything out of the house....cause as everyone knows.....not much fits in a motorhome.  I have no idea where all the stuff came from but it seemed never ending.

By June we were starting to get worried as we had no offers on the house.  Lots of houses for sale in the neighborhood and all were selling...not ours.  Lots of people takers.... on Fathers Day we were just vegging as it was hotter than.....blazes out.  Real estate agent called and ask if we could show the house....of course.....WE HAD AN OFFER.....and a good offer.

Okay now we have to get in high gear and get the house cleaned out.....finally done by the end of July.  Motorhome has been upgraded with things that will make living easier and more like a home....since we will be living in it.

House finally closes on August 17th.  We hit the road on August 18th.  We have be in the New Mexico for the Balloon Festival the end of September.  We make a bee line South Dakota and Minnesota.  South Dakota to change resident status and then on to Minnesota for visit with my son.

Next is a bee line to New Mexico to the balloon festival....made it.....

Now we could slow down a little bit....whew!

We did lots of site you can see from the blog.  We have been relaxing in Pahrump, NV. since Thanksgiving...just being retired.

So this year has been the year that everything came together...thank you God....and we are on our way.  We expect next year to bring lots of new adventures.

To those of you that follow the blog, thank you for following our journey and Happy New Year to everyone.

Death Valley Badwater Basin revisited

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we decided to take a drive out into Death Valley.  We turned onto Badwater Basin Road and that took us to Badwater Basin.

Note the snow on the mountains in the background.

On the way back we took a side road to the Natural Bridge.....don't think we will do that again.... the most washboardy road we have been on in a long while.  Hope my fillings are still all in place.

Our next side trip was Artists Canyon, we love this drive, it is beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

A few more:  Badwater Rd