Monday, September 14, 2009

Beartooth and Chief Joseph Hwy

This was not the experience that we were quite expecting when we started this journey. We started early in the morning as we had to drive to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone park to start up the mountain. What we didn't expect was the endless road construction going on all the way up the mountain on the Wyoming side. There were several times we had to be escorted from one point to the next. Most of the outlooks were filled with heavy equipment. The pictures we got were pretty awsome but we didn't really have the time to get out and embrace the wide open spaces of the feeling of being in suspended time, I have been told by some that is what it feels like. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Well we have returned for our much awaited trip to Yellowstone. This is our third year for this adventure, though our first in the fall of the year.
We have never been disappointed in what we see in the park.
The scenery and animals are just amazing. I don't think there is anything, that I have seen, any more breathtaking. I know there are many beautiful sights to see is this amazing country of ours but I will have to wait to be able to see them.
For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see this park, I hope you get to at least just once.
I think I will let the pictures do the talking, although I don't think even the pictures do it justice.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day in The Tetons

We started out early in the morning with a boat ride across Jackson Lake to an island to have a cowboy breakfast. The early morning sky was clearer than the day before. We had a couple of rain showers during the night but we were blessed with a nice clear and bright morning. It is really hard to get a picture to show the awesome views with a hazy sky. The breakfast was pretty good but it wouldn't have mattered what we ate with the view we had. Menu consisted of eggs, sausage, county hash browns, muffins, french toast and coffee.

We got back from breakfast and spent the rest of the driving around checking out all the views of the Tetons and went into Jackson Hole for lunch. If you are ever in Jackson you need to stop at Bubba's BBQ for some of their pulled beef briskit. YUM!

Tomorrow we are headed for Yellowstone for hopefully many animal sightings
Hope you enjoy the pictures

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Logan UT to The Tetons

We started out about 8am from Traveland RV Park in Logan UT. Nice park to overnight, pull thru sites, FHU, free wifi, and cable. If you ever have a chance to take Hwy 89 between Logan and Garden City take it. It is a beautiful drive along the Logan River. Of course that may be just my opinion because I have been driving the
I15 for two days.
We got into Colter Bay RV park about 2:30 and set up. If you haven't been here it is nestled in the pines near Jackson Lake. We went down to the Marina and reserved two seats on the breakfast cruise on the lake. Of course that means we have to get up early in th morning.
We went for a drive down by the lake and the dam. We encountered our first moose sighting at Moose Junction (of course where else would it be).
It never ceases to amaze us as the beauty of the country side as you drive along. I know why they call it "God's Country" because nobody else could have created something so beautiful. Well I am signing off for tonight, enjoy the pictures.

Friday, September 4, 2009

First travel day to Yellowstone

Well here we are at the KOA in Cedar City, UT.
Not to much in the way of pictures, driving through the desert is pretty boring. We did take a couple of the Virgin River Gorge as we were coming up the grade.

We got underway at 4am this morning, stopped in Barstow Flying J for gas and breakfast. Actually got through Vegas without much trouble. Got into Cedar City about 2pm. There are thunder showers and a nice breeze this evening. It was a 105 degrees coming through the gorge. Will be to bed early and try to get going by 8am.