Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gulf Shores Alabama

We landed in the Gulf Shores State Park on Nov 1st for a month stay.  Great state park campground and a destination for a lot of snowbirds. Large for a state park, almost 500 campsites.  Great campsites with asphalt site with a patio and great spaces between sites. Lots of biking and hiking trails and even a boardwalk across the street to the beach.  Definitely will try to get back there again.  November is their quiet time between summer camping season and winter snowbirds.  I don't think I would like the weather to much in the summer time, to humid.

Lots are relaxing and checking out the area, beautiful area lots of shoreline, most of the shoreline is populated with hotels, condos and apartments.  beaches are white sands and nice.

The Golf Shores pier and one of the longest in the gulf and is a favorite for fishing.  Don't remember the exact name of the fish....tiger....something.


It is also a great place to get some sunset photos.

Gulf Shores is also home to a lot of various species of birds.  Here are a few of them.

One day we took a short boat ride to see some dolphins, we got to see a few of them, but unfortunately didn't get any pictures as they move faster then I do......  but we did get to see a driftwood Christmas tree...

This was the home of Farrah Faucet for the last three years she was alive.

This home was the most expensive in the Shores but I don't remember how much.....more than I can count.

Really big yacht in garage.

One day we took a drive into the Florida side of the gulf, Pensacola.  Drove by the Naval base that the Blue Angels call home.

We didn't go on base but we did see the Angels flying over the campground once in awhile.
The coast line is about the same as Alabama.

Another day we took a drive into Mobile to visit the USS Alabama battleship and park.  We didn't go on board but enjoyed checking out the park.

On the way home we stopped and checked out Fort Morgan. Fort Morgan History

We really enjoyed our stay in the area.  I think my only disappointment was the lack of fresh seafood.  I expected to find it all over....but was not the case.  I guess it is cheaper for food places to order it bad.....

We are now in New Orleans slowly heading west to Quartzsite and Tucson.

Here are more random pictures of our visit to Gulf Shores.
Hope you enjoy.  Still Livin the Dream..............

Gulf Shores

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Memphis Tennessee

Guess I had better get caught up with the blog before I forget what we did.  We left my brothers house after having a great visit.  It was really good to see everyone again. 

From the left, my youngest brother Kevin, me and my brother Mark, who lives in North Carolina and is the next in line age wise.

This should probably be in the Nashville post....oh well.....
We parked in Kevin's yard, we fit right into the spot he had picked for us.

Back to Memphis.  I did not enjoy the drive through Memphis, apparently it is the trucking capitol of the United States and they all drive like they are nuts. We checked into the Tom Sawyer campground for a week
 in West Memphis on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River.  Great campground right on the river.  We could watch the barges and boats moving up and down the river.
The campground is pretty low and right on the river so it can flood on occasion.  The laundry room and showers on steel frames and have axels and tires on them so they can me moved easily.
The first picture is the water level in 2011.

Of course one of the sites on the agenda was to see the Presley Mansion....well it was actually the reason we stopped in Memphis.

We enjoyed the tour and had lunch at the museum, I was temped to try the peanut butter and banana sandwich....but I didn't.
  It was worth it and it wasn't to busy when we were there.

While we were in Memphis we had to check out Beale street, if we were younger we would have checked it out at night but being of the Senior age we decided to check it out in the daylight.  It is pretty quiet.

Here is a link to rest of random pictures of our week there.

Memphis TN