Saturday, November 18, 2017

Memphis Tennessee

Guess I had better get caught up with the blog before I forget what we did.  We left my brothers house after having a great visit.  It was really good to see everyone again. 

From the left, my youngest brother Kevin, me and my brother Mark, who lives in North Carolina and is the next in line age wise.

This should probably be in the Nashville post....oh well.....
We parked in Kevin's yard, we fit right into the spot he had picked for us.

Back to Memphis.  I did not enjoy the drive through Memphis, apparently it is the trucking capitol of the United States and they all drive like they are nuts. We checked into the Tom Sawyer campground for a week
 in West Memphis on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River.  Great campground right on the river.  We could watch the barges and boats moving up and down the river.
The campground is pretty low and right on the river so it can flood on occasion.  The laundry room and showers on steel frames and have axels and tires on them so they can me moved easily.
The first picture is the water level in 2011.

Of course one of the sites on the agenda was to see the Presley Mansion....well it was actually the reason we stopped in Memphis.

We enjoyed the tour and had lunch at the museum, I was temped to try the peanut butter and banana sandwich....but I didn't.
  It was worth it and it wasn't to busy when we were there.

While we were in Memphis we had to check out Beale street, if we were younger we would have checked it out at night but being of the Senior age we decided to check it out in the daylight.  It is pretty quiet.

Here is a link to rest of random pictures of our week there.

Memphis TN

Friday, October 20, 2017

Minnesota to Tennessee

We left visiting relatives and friends in Minnesota and started out to Tennessee to visit with more family.  On my son's suggestion we headed east from St Cloud to the Wisconsin border to follow the St Croix/Mississippi River to try and catch some of the fall colors.  It was a great suggestion the colors were really starting to pop!  The days were cloudy so the pictures didn't show the true brilliance of the colors.  The best area was Taylors Falls just before the Wisconsin border.

Beautiful colors!

As we followed the river, sometimes on the Minnesota side sometimes of the Wisconsin side we were exposed to the small farms with the red barns and small towns and the river.


Lots of miles of this scenery, very pleasant drive. After a few overnight stops we were in Iowa.

We spent a couple of nights outside of Davenport to go check out the American Pickers store.  It was fun to see things that we actually saw them picking on their TV show. 

The store is very close to the river so we went down along the river to have lunch.

Robin stopped at the Cody Museum to checked it out.

After lunch we headed back home and saw a billboard about the worlds largest truck stop I80 truck stop, so we had to go check it out.  It was impossible to get a picture of how big this area was.  When we went inside it seemed like it went on forever.  There was a salad bar area that looked about a block long.

The next morning we packed up and headed for Springfield Ill. to check out the Lincoln house and tomb.

We took a tour though his house and the visitors center.

Lincolns tomb

The buildings in Springfield were amazing to see. Lots of history.

Our next stop was my brothers house in Tennessee.  My other brother from North Carolina also came to visit so we had a little family reunion.  We are parked in their front yard for a few days....

Besides lots of visiting and catching up on things we did a little site seeing one day we went out to a Stones River battlefield.

Another day we drove into Nashville to check out the American Pickers store and see some of downtown and also the Country Music Hall of Frame and Museum.

American Pickers, they are in a huge building with lots of other stores,  lots of old stuff.

Next we drove through downtown.

Then we took a walk through the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Thousands of items to see from current country stars to old country music stars.  Awesome day!

We are spending a few more days at my brothers house and then we are heading to Memphis to check out the Presley Mansion, we are at a campground on the river so we are going to spend some time there is watching the boats and barges go by.

Hope you enjoy the pictures,
Lovin the dream

Mn to Tn photos