Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 @ Doheny SB

Well we have just returned from four days, including Thanksgiving at Doheny SB. I won't review the campground here as we have stayed there before and have reviewed it in an earlier blog.
We arrived at the campground Wednesday night after work. It was dark when we got there but we have been there before so it wasn't so bad setting up in the dark. Don't usually like setting up after dark as it is pretty easy to kiss a tree or something.

Thursday morning was nice and sunny and temps are supposed to get into the 80's for the day. Early morning coffee and take Buddee for a walk so Robin can sleep in a little.

Soon Robin is getting stuff together for breakfast and the temp is warming up to be a great day. A little R&R around the campsite and enjoying the ocean and it is time to get the Turkey and fixings together for a 4pm dinner. We had a friend join us and she brought candied yams and coleslaw. Robin had deboned the turkey so it fit nicely in the oven. The turkey was nested on the top of dressing. This was the first time using the oven for something as large as the turkey and it worked just fine. After dinner everyone relaxed in the sunshine and napped.

Friday Robin had to be at work so the kids, dogs, and I spent the day napping and people watching and enjoying the sunshine as it was another nice day. Robin got back from work and we enjoyed turkey leftovers for dinner. Friday night the weather turned colder and we had some rain over night, some pretty heavy at times.

Saturday the day started cooler and the rain moving off to the south. The sun was warm but the wind remained cool for the day.
Saturday night we had a campfire and went inside and played some cards and off to bed.

Sunday morning is was time to call and end to a wonderful weekend and head back to the work week. We had a great time.

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