Wednesday, October 12, 2016

El Morro National Monument

Yesterday we took a little road trip through a part of the Zuni Indian reservation to El Morro National Monument.  The landscape through the reservation looks like it did hundreds of years ago.  Basically unchanged except for the occasional house.

New Mexico also has some Fall foliage colors

The Monument was a stopping off place even before the pioneers as it was a water source all year around.

El Morro National Monument

The water run off collects in a pool at the bottom of the rocks, there is no spring feeding the pool.

There are cravings in the rock of people passing through the area and petroglyphs dating back
centuries.  In todays climate they would be referred to as defacing property and tagging.

The rock formations are pretty awesome.

we took a hike around the base of part of the mountain and got up close and personal with the really big rock.

Great day for being outside, the weather was perfect, mid 70's.

I have added more pictures of the area.

Zuni and El Morro album

Hope everyone has a great day!  Life is good!

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