Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lake Powell and North Rim Grand Canyon

Part One.....Page Az. Lake Powell
We kind of stumbled on to this area looking for an area to kill some time.  Well I can tell you right now it was one of best stumbles I have done for awhile.  I was aware of Lake Powell but not of all the Navajo Reservation and the landscape in the area.

For those of you that have been have kept it a secret very well....for those of you that haven't been here you need to get it on your bucket list.

We headed up to Page, Az. from Flagstaff on US89.  It brings you on to the Navajo Indian Reservation and the Lake Powell National Recreation Area....I think.  Your National Park Pass will get you into Lake Powell.

The closer we got to Page the more the landscape changed until we were driving through some pretty impressive canyons.

All we could say was WOW around every curve.

 Along the road coming into Page and again as we did our day trip to the North Rim we saw many little open stores where the Navajo sold their jewelry, pottery, rugs and blankets.  These little road side stands were all along the highway.  It appeared that they would drive up whenever in the mood to sell their wares and set up shop.

We checked in at our campground and set up for the week.  The next day was Sunday so it was relaxing with QVC and watching some football.  Unfortunately the Vikings had their first loss of the season....bummer....Rams lost also......

Monday we headed out to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  There was a threat of rain but we went anyway.  Most of the services have already closed for the season.  The landscape went from
bluffs and red rock.
to what is probably considered high desert

to the forest

to the North Rim of the "Big Ditch" better known as the Grand Canyon.

Absolutely amazing........
One other stop we made on the way up to the North Rim was at the Navajo Bridge that crosses the Colorado River.

We started back to Page and the skies opened up...lots of rain most of the way home.

More pictures of our trip to the Grand Canyon.

Trip to North Rim

Part Two... Lake Powell boat cruise through Antelope Canyon.
They have several different cruises on the Lake and do lots of business renting out houseboats in the summer.  They are getting ready to close up a lot of the services including the cruises.  They are mostly running through the end of we got lucky.

We started out at 10:30 for and hour and a half cruise through the canyon.

As you came in closer to the canyon the walls of the canyon got closer and closer.
I am going to let the pictures do the talking as I don't think I have the vocabulary to describe the landscape as well as the pictures do....and again the pictures do not do it justice.

Here is a link to many more pictures of the canyon and boat ride.

Lake Powell Antelope Canyon

 After departing the boat and walking back up to the buildings we had the pleasure of spotting a roadrunner.

That is all for now.....
Tomorrow is a hike into the Antelope Slot Canyons.  

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