Saturday, October 8, 2016

Balloon Night Glow

Well we are coming to the close of the balloon festival.  It has been a awesome experience and something we are glad we did.  We have been here almost nine days and the car hasn't moved.

Adventure Caravans has been real good to us.  Breakfast in the tent every morning, some lunches and most dinners are also included.  They also had four tours that they brought in buses to haul us around Albuquerque and see the sites.  My knee has been acting up some, unfortunately I only went on the tram tour, I did dog watching for the rest.  Robin went on all of them and I will try to twist her arm to post a blog on what she saw and enjoyed.

Tomorrow is the end and we are heading down the road.  Heading west as we need to be in Pahrump, NV by Thanksgiving week.  Our first stop will be Gallop, NM for a few days to catch up on laundry and restock the groceries.  There are a few sites in the area we will also check out.

Quiet day today as it started raining this morning, luckily we got all our patio furniture picked up before it got wet.  A few of the group left yesterday as they were from Florida and wanted to get home with hurricane causing damage there.  A few more left this morning.  We are leaving tomorrow morning along with everyone else, so there will be a mass exit, probably going to be long lines to get out.

Ribeye steak dinner in the tent tonight so we are definitely not going to miss that, since I am such a food hound.

Last night we caught a shuttle and went down to the balloon field and watched the balloons light up at night.  We bought a couple of camp chairs and sat and watched the balloons air up and glow.  Had hot dogs and hot chocolate for dinner.  It gets chilly when the sun goes down.

Here are a couple pictures we took to try and capture last night.  It was pretty cool to see.
It started out with a pretty awesome sunset.

Canon was the first balloon to get inflated and glow.  They are also a sponsor for the festival this year.
This was the biggest balloon...doggy

Here is a link to more pictures...enjoy.....they tried to get they to all light up at the same time but didn't have much success.

Glow pictures

Short little video of one actually lighting up.
lighting of balloon

Definitely looking forward to our next adventure with Adventure Caravans, Alaska, June 7 - August 4, 2017. If it is anything like this one we will not be disappointed.

 Until next time.....

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