Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Albuquerque Tours

Never a dull moment at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. The balloon events in the morning 7 - 9 am and evening 6 - 9 pm. Adventure Caravans fills in the in between time with motor coach tours in area.
Four tours, Linda previously posted the Tram Tour to Sandia Peak, the other three I took and have posted some pictures:

Tuesday: Old Town Albuquerque (shopping), Turquoise Museum, Pueblo Cultural Center.
Old Town Albuquerque is shopping, eating with a center park that attracs performers and other displays. 

The Turquoise Museum was more a lesson about turquoise which was very interesting. I came away with more appreciation for the gem stone than I had before.
The Pueblo Cultural Center provides the history of the Pueblo Peoples. We were fortunate enough that when we were there some Native Americans were doing ceremonial dances.
Wednesday: Lunch at El Pinto Restaurant, buffet was excellent. New Mexico Mexican food is different that California Mexican food is some ways, escpecially "chile". What Californian's know as salsa New Mexico knows as "chile", green, red  (milder of the two) or Christmas, both. There are pictures of celebrities that have eaten there hanging on the walls.
Next it was off to the Sky City Cultural Center and Acoma Pueblo tour. The Acoma Pueblo is high up on a mesa and is still an active Pueblo with residents.
The last tour was via Route 66 to Santa Fe including the Turquoise Trail and the "Musical Hwy". We passed thru Madrid where "Wild Hogs" was filmed. While in Santa Fe besides shopping and eating we visited the San Miquel Mission and the Loretto Chapel. The Miraculous Stairway is in the Loretto Chapel. For more information on the stairway I have included a link.
The tours filled the day, balloons and meals began and ended the day. For a "bucket list" adventure we are more than happy and would recommend this Adventure Caravan Rally.

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