Friday, March 10, 2017

Tucson - Saguaro National Park

We are still in Tucson, will be here until March 26th.  It is starting to warm up.  Mid-eighties during the day..AC in the afternoon weather.  Time to get ready to head North.....

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park has two districts. The Rincon Mountain District is located to the East of Tucson Arizona and the Tucson Mountain District is located to the West of Tucson AZ. In 1933 Saguaro National Monument was created. The Saguaro Wilderness Area of 71,400 acres was added in 1975. Saguaro National Park was created from these areas in 1994 and currently encompasses 91,327 acres in its two districts. The Eastern Rincon Mountain District rises to over 8,000 feet and includes over 128 miles of trails. The Western Tucson Mountain District is generally lower in elevation with a denser saguaro forest.

Saguaro is different than the deserts we are used to seeing in southern California.  Lots more vegetation and green.

We did find some blooming but nothing like the super blooms they are talking about in some of the deserts in the southwest.  We visited both West and East and they were pretty close to the same.  We went back and took the loop on the East side again early this week hoping to see more blooming.

The Giant Saguaro is the most fascinating plant of the Sonoran Desert. It's skin is tough and waxy and its woody skeleton is concealed inside the plant. The trunk and arms are pleated like an accordion and can expand or contract with the amount of water taken in. In the place of leaves the Saguaro has thousands of spines to shade and protect itself.

Each plant seems to have a personality of its own.


It was very interesting and we really enjoyed the drive.  I would recommend this area to everyone passing though to spend a few days and take a few drives.  We haven't seen everything but we are planning on spending a couple of months here next winter so we are saving some things for next year.

I have added a link to more of the pictures that we took, Hope you enjoy.

Saguaro National Park

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Travels of the Bama Baby said...

Thanks for the info...I like the desert, but I'd probably be heading north already..too stinkin' hot for me!

Linda B said...

Yeah we don't like hot either, but still to cold to go very far north. We are paid up until the 26th so we will stick n it out.