Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Organ Pipe National Monument Arizona and Petroglyphs

We have left Tucson, Az. and made a short stop in Gila Bend, Az. for a couple of days to make a couple of day trips.  One to Organ Pipe heading south to the Mexican Border and one to a local spot, Petroglyphs at Painted Rock Az.., about 20 miles west of Gila Bend on the I8.

We were educated on the difference between a Saguaro cactus and a Organ Pipe cactus.

A Organ Pipe Cactus has separate arms that come up right from the ground.

A Saguaro cactus develops its arms from the trunk.

Learn something new everyday. There is still many more Saguaro cactus then there is Organ Pipe.

  There was a twenty one mile scenic drive thru the park.  Not a nice road, mostly dirt.  Did a lot of bouncing around and drove very slow, but worth it.  Poor car got all covered in dust and then last night we got a little sprinkle of rain so it really looks like a little pigpen.

The blooming along the road was awesome, It is definitely the most flowering that we have seen in the desert.

We also came across a arch on top of another arch.

One of the towns we passed through was Why, Az.

Here are some more pictures.
Hope you enjoy

Organ Pipe

Today we took a short trip out of town to check out the Petroglyphs.  One bunch of rocks out in the middle of nowhere with petroglyphs all over them.  This area is a part of the Butterfield Stagecoach route.  Also has a no hookup campground.

Also noted a little wild life hanging out in the area.

Hope you enjoy the pictures


Our next adventure will be spending a week in Monument Valley, have to get the heavy clothes back out we will be going from the 80's to 60's for daytime temps and some 30's at night.  Might have to dig out the heated water hose again.

Living the dream.

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