Sunday, December 8, 2013

Annual Thanksgiving Weekend at Lakeside RV Park in Pahrump, NV.

This has become an annual event for us every year on Thanksgiving weekend.  I think this is our fourth year going to this RV Park.

We started out at our usual 4am depart time, the weather was good. 

Our first stop in Peggy Sue's Diner, north of Barstow, for breakfast and to also give Buddee his breakfast and walk.  We arrived at the Diner a little before 6am so we fed Bud and he got his walk in before we had breakfast, Diner opens at 6am.

With everyone fed we are off to Pahrump.  We go to Baker and hang a left headed to Shoshone.  It is a nice two lane road across the desert.  It is usually a busy weekend for off-roaders dry camping along the road.  This year was no different and we saw several little cities of all kinds of RV's and off road vehicles along the road.

We hung a right at Shoshone and arrived at Lakeside RV Park in Pahrump at about 10am.

We love this campground for its fall colors.


After we got checked-in and got setup we called friends who have recently retired to the community of Pahrump.  We then joined Eldon and Nancy for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Preferred RV Park in Pahrump.  We had a great time visiting and enjoying the traditional Turkey and dressing.

Usually we head into Death Valley for a day trip of sightseeing, but this year we decided to check out Mt Charleston and the snow.  It is nice to just visit snow and not have to live in it.
So Friday that's what we did.  It was a nice drive and I have added a few photos of the day trip.


 This is heading up Kyle Canyon with Mt Charleston up ahead.


 As we got closer the snow got deeper.
 This was up at the Lodge area.  We didn't see any ski lifts open, but did see some sledding going on.
 The return trip back to the main highway we headed down Lee Canyon.


On Saturday we met with Eldon and Nancy at the Nugget for a morning brunch and then they joined us at the MH for a nice afternoon visit.

Sunday we were up early and headed for home after a great weekend.



P-town Blogger said...

Lovely photos!! We haven't made the drive up Mt. Charleston yet (and lived here 3 years!)... makes me want to go explore it! Thanks Linda. Our current plan is to be home next year for Thanksgiving, if so we would sure like to have you over for a visit!!

Linda B said...

Thanks, we would like that