Thursday, December 26, 2013

Route 66 Kingman, AZ Christmas 2013

Since we had never been in the Kingman, AZ area, which also has some of the original Route 66, we decided to spend a few days checking out the area.

We checked into Blake Ranch RV Park, about 12 miles east of Kingman, on Saturday and got all settled in for a few days.  The park was rather quick as it was the Christmas holiday.  There were a few snowbirds and there were a few overnighters coming and going.  Nice campground and great for overnighting.

On Sunday we took a little road trip to the old mining town of Oatman, AZ. 

This little town has some tourist attractions including some regular residence, burros, who will beg for food at every opportunity.

One of them even befriended Robin even though she didn't have any food to offer.

Several of the old store fronts now offer all kinds of touristy stuff including some really nice local art and crafts.

The scenery was great on the way up and back.

The next day we headed in the other direction to the little town of Seligman, AZ for some breakfast at the Road Kill Café.

A review of the menu was on the wall when we entered.

We had breakfast and then headed out of some of the original Route 66 that would take us back into Kingman.

The next day was Christmas Eve so we stayed in the RV park and Robin fixed us a great Prime Rib dinner with mashed tators and veggie.. YUM!!!!
Christmas Day we got up early and headed home as Robin had to be at work the next day.
The trip home was uneventful except for and occasional wind gust. 
An end to another great mini vacation.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
See you next year.

Here is a link to more of the pictures we took along the way, enjoy!

More Route 66


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Linda B said...

Feel to use the picture, glad you enjoyed it