Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grand Tetons-Yellowstone Trip

We started our two week vacation on May 25th heading for two days and three nights in the Grand Tetons NP and six days visiting Yellowstone NP.

First night stop in Cedar City UT at the KOA we got up at 3am and were on the road by 4am.  Arrived at the campground without incident and got setup for the night. 

Got up and on the road by 9am the next morning heading for Traveland RV park in Logan UT for our second overnight stop. Unfortunately our second day of travel was not without incident. 
Just south of Salt Lake City the passenger front tire tread separated from the tire doing 65mpg down Interstate 15.  Let me tell you there was several more gray hairs added to my head.  We managed to limp off the freeway and called Good Sam Roadside Assistance.
They managed to find a new tire and have it on the rim and back on the RV in four hours.  Whew!!!  Don't want to do that again. Still managed to make it to our destination on the same night.
Here is a picture of the tire!

The next day we got to our first destination, The Grand Tetons NP.  This park has some fantastic views and very majestic mountains.  It is very hard to put into words so I hope that the pictures will do it a little more justice. I will admit the pictures do only so much and they can't show the views like being there in person.  We spent two days and three nights in the park, staying at the Colter Bay RV park.  Nice park with Full Hookups and close to the Jackson Lake Marina.  We did have rain while we were there so there wasn't much sunshine but we still managed to do what we wanted to do while we were there.  Most of the rain was at night so it made for some good sleeping weather. They said there was a resident fox but we didn't see it while we were there.


Then we were on our way to Yellowstone NP.  This is one of our favorite parks, so far.  We love all the animals that we see when we go there. We setup up our home base at Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone. Nice RV Park with Full Hookups.  One of the reasons we decided to do a spring visit was being able to see all the young animals and to avoid the mosquito population.  The weather is a little cooler but that is okay with us.  I would much rather use the furnace a little in the morning and evening than having to use the A/C.  The sleeping is much better also.  We spent most days inside the park driving around and checking out all the animals. One of the best viewing areas for animals is the Lamar Valley area on the Northeast side of the park.  One day we spent staying in West Yellowstone, we did some shopping and Robin did some laundry.  The last day we were in West Yellowstone we took a little side trip to Mesa Falls Scenic Byway in Idaho, about thirty miles from West Yellowstone.  It was a nice little scenic drive with two stops at two awesome waterfalls.  The last falls we stopped at, the Ranger Station had a scope set up watching an Osprey nest with Mom sitting on her eggs.  Pretty cool to see.


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