Saturday, May 13, 2017

Flaming Gorge area and Sheep Creek Loop

When we left the Capitol Reef area we needed to kill some time before we went to far North.  We needed to wait for the weather to warm up a little. One advantage to traveling high tourist areas in the off season is the ability to get campsites and no crowds.

We spotted an area in northern Utah that looked interesting, Flaming Gorge, so we thought we would spend a little time in the area waiting for the roads to open in Yellowstone.  That was two weeks ago and we are going to be here for another week.  This is a beautiful area that is known for its fishing.  The park we are staying at is a nice quiet little campground as it is off season.  Lots of green grass and deer pass through the campground in the evenings.


Great place to get recharged for our Alaska trip.

Flaming Gorge

Lots of areas to sight see and take day trips.  One of the loops we took was the Sheep Creek Geological Loop.  We did not get to see any big horn sheep....bummer.

One of the other awesome sights in the area is the Flaming Gorge Dam.

 The dam is releasing water into the river for the first time a several years, it's pretty cool to watch and the roar of the water coming out of the vents is kind of scary.  Sure wouldn't want to put my foot in the water.  It would be ripped right off.

One of the other little areas was Little Hole scenic drive. Everything is the area caters to fishing and some rafting.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the area, if you are ever in the area it is definitely worth spending some time.

More pictures of the area.

Flaming Gorge

Still Living the Dream..........

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