Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dinasaur National Monument

Another one of our day trips from Flaming Gorge was to the Dinosaur National Monument.  One of the first stops was to the Dinosaur Quarry.

It was petty awesome to see the bones still in the rocks.

We also took a drive along one of the scenic drives along the Green River in the National Monument.
Again the whole area caters to fishing.  Lots of camping areas and boat ramps. Beautiful views of the Green River along the way.

 Bud had to dip his feet into the river, but decided to was to much like getting a bath and didn't go any further.

One of the other stops along the way was the site of a woman that lived in the area in a log cabin until she was in her 90's.


Certainly didn't have to worry about having any neighbors.  Another great day for sightseeing in the area.  On the way home we stopped in Vernal at Walmart to stock up on things as there isn't much in the area where we are camping.

Again I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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