Monday, August 22, 2016

On the Road

We started out on our journey on Aug 18, 2016.  First overnight was in Las Vegas, needless to say it was hot and steamy.  So it was hurry up and plug in and turn on the AC.  We set up at the Hitching Post in North Las Vegas.  Your typical desert campground with FHU.

We got up the next morning stored everything and went to start up MH.  NOTHING.....I didn't think it was a dead battery as I had dash lights and I could still work the slides.  Okay....go plug back in and start up the AC and call Good Sam.  Got them on the phone they sent out a mobile service guy to check it out.  He said it was a starter, that is what I figured it was.  He went and got a new starter and Robin went up to the office to sign us for another night.  Bummer.

Next morning all fixed and going to try problems and off we go, next stop Beaver UT.  Arrived at the Beaver Canyon Campground early afternoon.  I was told it was a different kind of campground.  Cannot make reservations first come, first served.

Robin went into the office to check in....nobody around.....There is a little Mexican Restaurant behind the office/woodshed....Robins description.....she found an older gentleman having lunch.  We got setup for the evening no satellite to many trees.  Really liked this campground, most of the campers were full timers but very friendly.  We would stay here again.
We decided to check out the Mexican Restaurant for dinner.
It was a little place but the food was pretty good.  Open from 4pm to 10pm only.  After dinner we went for a walk around the park with Buddee and he seemed to give his approval....lifted his leg a lot.

California isn't the only place with fires, though I was told this was a controlled burn.

Next morning we were off to our next stop.  Mountain Valley RV Park in Heber City UT.  Definitely a different setting than the  night before in Beaver.  This is a very nice clean park, but I think I liked Beaver better.....

Once we got off the I15 and onto the 189 we enjoyed some nice scenery for a few miles between Provo and coming into Heber City.
This was Bridal Veil falls along the route, since it was Sunday it was very busy.  We followed the Duck Creek River for several miles.  Lots of river rafting and tubing. Fishing also.

We are setup in Heber City until Wednesday, weather is perfect, blue skies, no A/C, windows open and a nice breeze, sitting outside beginning to relate to this "retirement" plan.  Both of us are having a problem with knowing what day of the week it is........

....that is all for now.........



Vicki Marthaler said...

You're getting the retirement drift when you're not sure what day it is! Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I try to use my daily pill minder - to remind me what day it is. Works until I skip a day. LOL. Great pictures! Jill

Anonymous said...

The journey started a little bumpy, but now that you have that under your belts, smooth sailing! Glad to hear you are staying put a few got a whole lot of time now to just mosey! Linda