Sunday, August 28, 2016

On the Road to Custer and enjoying Custer SP

Started out from Heber City to Custer Gulch RV Park in Custer, SD we will be overnighting at a KOA between Green River and Rock Springs WY and Rivers Edge RV Park outside of Casper, WY.

On the first day we did stop at Fort Bridger landmark and wandered around checking it out and making a little lunch.  The state of WY seems to be very windy most of the time, at least according to the people that live in that area.

Here are a few more from Fort Bridger.
Fort Bridger

Overnighted at KOA, windy..... Interstate 80 should be renamed Interstate "Windy".

Next day overnighted at Rivers Edge RV Park outside of Casper WY.  Nice campground and the owner, a young man, was very proud of his campground and it showed.  We took a walk down to the North Platte River.


Beautiful area and very nice campground, lots of green grass and lots of space between sites.
We set up and got ready to spend a couple of days touring the area, mostly Custer SP in SD.
Finally some quiet.  I could stay here for a long time....of course I say this now with the daytime temp of 75/80 and night time 50/55.  I would probably be singing a different tune in January......

First day we got up early.....I know don't want to make a habit of that.... and went into Custer SP and drove the wildlife loop and Needles Hwy.  Of course beautiful drive and since we got an early start we saw our fare share of animals.  Of course you can't go without seeing a buffalo.  At least I made it through the day without taking a boat load of buffalo pictures, which I seem to always do.

Also saw a few pronghorns


Prairie dogs


Here is a link to more pictures of the drive. Also included are the formations and one way tunnels along the Needles Hwy, just another beautiful drive.

Wildlife loop and Needles Hwy

Today, Sunday,  we got up and took a drive on Iron Mountain Hwy to Mt. Rushmore.
It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  The motorcycles love this road and there were lots of them out today.  This picture pretty much says it all.

We didn't stop at the monument this time,  we had been up there before.  One of the coolest things is going through the tunnels and seeing Mt Rushmore framed in the tunnel.

Here are a couple more pictures of the area.

Iron Mountain Mt Rushmore

This is a beautiful area and we could stay here another week and not get bored, but we still have to get some stuff done before the snow flies.

Tuesday morning we are leaving for Minnesota to see my son and more family and friends.  Hope to get there Thursday before Labor Day Weekend so we don't have to be on the road at that time

If I don't get back on before then I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.

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