Monday, May 28, 2012

Kings Canyon-Memorial Weekend

This is our third year that we have taken an extended weekend and went camping in Kings Canyon NP.  We were still as amazed by its beauty as we were the first time we camped in the canyon.  We stayed in the Moraine campground in the Cedar Grove area of the canyon.  The campground is mostly tenters with a few trailers and a couple of motorhomes so we kind of stick out.

We arrived on Thursday early afternoon, the weather was nice and sunny, probably in the mid 60's.  It took us a while to get level (not very level sites) and set up.  All was good.  A couple of friends joined us with their Westie (VW camper).  Friday was forecast with a 40% chance of rain in the evening so we put the rugs and chairs up in the afternoon so they wouldn't get wet.  We would get a little sprinkle once in a while.

Saturday morning we awoke to white stuff on the ground and a little chill in the air.  The day progressed to partly sunny and the snow was gone by 10am.  We decided to spend the afternoon around the campfire relaxing.  It was nice to relax and enjoy the beauty of the trees and the smell of pine in the air.  Later on in the evening we were sitting inside enjoying the furnace, playing crazy eight and watched several deer come through the campground.

Sunday morning we got up to sunny skies, it was going to be a nice day.  We, of course, had to pack up and get on the road back to the real world.  We did do an overnight at the Bakersfield RV Resort to get the last of the weekend before heading home on Monday Morning. 

Next year we will probably miss out on Kings Canyon as we are planning on heading for Yellowstone on Memorial Weekend.

It was again a great weekend.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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