Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black Rock Canyon, Joshua Tree

This our first visit to Joshua Tree NP, the price was certainly right. It was $7.50 per night and free enty into the park with our old geezer pass.  Good stuff.

The campground has no hookups, and the sites aren't very level but it was a great place to spend the weekend and visit the NP.  I will say the last half mile into the campground could certainly use some roadwork.  We would stay there again.

The weather was perfect, it was rather windy inside the park when we were siteseeing but the campground was perfect with nice quiet eveings for a campfire.  It amazes me the differences in the desert landscapes, just in this park alone, I think the landscape changed about three times.  It is very differnet than Death Valley.

Anyway it was another successful weekend.

Enjoy the pictures!


Sue said...

Beautiful pics guys!! Someone should be a photographer!!

Lee said...

Thanks for sharing. We enjoyed our day trip through the park.