Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend @ Calico Ghost Town

Since Friday was a holiday for us we decided to head out to a little ghost town located just outside of Barstow, Ca. called Calico Ghost Town. We started out about 7am and stopped at Flying J in Barstow for gas. 

We decided to stop for breakfast, at our turnoff to the Ghost Town, at a little Diner called Peggy Sue's 50's Diner.  Interesting little diner.  We have seen it many times on the way to other places but never stopped.  It is right off the I15 freeway at Yermo Road exit.  This is the same exit for the ghost town.  If you are in to movie stuff it is fun to just walk around and look at all the stuff hanging on the walls.  Of course, they have a little gift shop we just had to check out.  The food was good and we even went back for dinner the same night, to lazy to cook.

Calico Ghost Town is about three miles off of the I15.  There is a San Bernadino County Campground right next to the town. If you stay at the campground, admission to the town is free.  The campground is FHU but not much else.  It is in a canyon in the desert.  When we arrived on Friday the weather was great, about 80 degrees and lots of sunshine.  By nightfall the wind had come up and was pretty strong, wind lasted all weekend.

Calico Ghost Town was fun to wander through, luckily we did that on Friday before the strong winds appeared.  We were going to go back on Saturday for a little train ride and tour the mine but the wind was so strong we decided not to go and stayed in the campground, mostly in the coach.  It's to bad about the wind cause the weather was really nice otherwise.

We were camping so it was a good weekend.  Hope you enjoy the pics.