Sunday, March 27, 2011

Return to Quartzsite in March

We made a return trip to the "Q" (Quartzsite, Az.) to say goodbye to a good friend that has been wintering there this year.  She is heading back to Minnesota soon.  I must say it certainly looks different when the RV Show and swapmeets have all packed up.

We had great weather the whole weekend, finally got to enjoy some sunshine.  SoCa has been rather cold and rainy lately so the sun really felt good. 

This was the first weekend we took our new Direct TV box along to use the dish on the roof of the RV to get satellite TV. Well.......normally I don't rant to much as we usually figure it out and move on.  We finally figured it out but talk about clueless.

Of course everyone on the net said "piece of cake, five minute job"  WRONG!!  First we cleared out all the stuff we had stored in the cabinet over the drivers seat, where the cabling was located.  Now.....we have two TV's and the option to have a third outside in one of the bays. 
The cabinet has six cables in it.  Now don't you think they would be labeled as to what TV they are for?????  NOT A CHANCE!!!!!  The only cable that any label on it was one of them that said "Sat"  now in my mind that would mean satellite right???? Nope.....I should be so lucky.  That one was for TV out......
Just about the time I was going to use the sat box for a frizbee, Robin took over.  We had to experiment until we found two that worked...... YEAH.... we got the Direct TV logo on the TV. we had to get the satellite dish on the roof up and pointed in the right direction.  Everyone said just check the rest of the campground and point it the same way........Wellll..........First you have to figure out how to get it to stand up before you can point it......One handle that says up and down....piece of cake right????  Well I can't see the roof so Robin is outside giving me hands signals for up and down.  Well I think her up was my down....We don't want to discuss what hand signals I ended up getting before we had it up.

Now there are two rings that turn on the outside of the crank so you have to hold the rings and the crank or they all turn at the same time.
Now we have terms on the sat TV screen to azmiuth????degrees????? and tilt??????? now which ring is which........Of course all of this is mounted on the ceiling of the RV so you are standing there with your hands over your head all this time.  Well.....anyway we finally got it done and had Sat TV all weekend. 

Sorry for the long rant but I just had to get it out of my system.
Hope you enjoy the couple of pictures I took.


Travels of the Bama Baby said...

I love it---it sounds like a Ryno adventure. You'll just have to go out to the mh once a week and watch DISH so you don't forget how to get 'er going between your outings!!!

Travels of the Bama Baby said...

Oops, guess that would be Direct!

Linda B said...

It was an adventure alright!!!