Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Zion NP Utah

We are spending the week in Hurricane, Utah and checking out the area.  Yesterday we took a road trip into Zion NP.  We might go back without Buddee as there is one area you can only view from a tram that goes through that area.  They don't allow dogs on the tram and we didn't want to leave him in the car for that long.

The last few weeks we have seem some amazing sites and landscapes.  I think when God  created earth he looked at his creation and determined it needed some character.  He took four tools at his disposal, wind, water, sand and temperature and proceeded to create.  The finished product, which is ever changing,  defies most adjectives that are in my vocabulary.  Pictures also do not do it justice.

Anyone that has seen these landscapes know exactly what I am talking about.  Those who have not should try to do so.  It is simply amazing.

As usual here is a few more pictures of the area.

Zion NP

That is all for now......

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