Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pikes Peak or Bust

Today we headed up the road to Pikes Peak, it is nineteen miles up to the top but I think most of it is straight up.  This picture was taken above the tree line and doesn't really show the twists and turns.  I didn't get any better pictures as I was hanging on. Most of the road had no guard rails, just straight down.

When we got to the top it was 34 degrees with a nasty wind blowing.....brrrr......  We were aware that we might have trouble at the top with shortness of breath.  I got lightheaded and had a little shortness of breath and Robin got nauseated.  Once we started going down we straightened out.
The is also a train that goes up to the top and would also be a great way to get to the top.
The views on the way up and the way down were spectacular!!!  The pictures we took don't even
begin to do the views justice.
The Aspens are changing to fall colors and dotted the hills and mountains with awesome colors.

This road trip was awesome and I added a link to a few more pictures.

Pikes Peak Photos

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