Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Bear, Serrano NF Campground

We had the pleasure of spending last weekend at Serrano NF campground, next to Big Bear Lake.  We took the day off on Friday to get an early start up the "Big Hill" before the temps got to hot.  It was also Robin's birthday so we wanted to enjoy the weekend for as long as we could.

We arrived before noon on Friday and our site wasn't available yet so we parked off to the side and waited to get the signal that it was ready.  We waited about half an hour and we were waved into the campground.

The loop we were in didn't have any hookups but the sites were large with lots of space between campsites.  There were mostly tenters around us. It was in the mid 80"s and humid but we had lots of shade.  The evening cooled off nicely so we had good sleeping.

Saturday we woke up early, Buddee (dog) wanted to get the day started with his walk, so off we went to explore the area.  There is a bike trail the goes along the campground with the lake nearby so Buddee got this walk and back to the campsite for their breakfast, Buddee and Liz.  About 10am it clouded over and the T-Storms started.  Nothing scary, just a nice rain that pretty much continued off and on for the rest of the day.  Weather cooled down to mid 70's, we could sit under the awning and watch the rain. After the heat and dry weather we were experiencing at home it really felt great.

About 3pm the sun came out for awhile.  There was a big classic car show in Big Bear for the weekend, I am sure they didn't appreciate the rain like we did.  There was a caravan of all the cars making a trip around the lake, which brought them right past the campground.  We went down to the road and watched as all shapes and sizes of custom autos drove by.
It started raining again shortly after the drive by. The night was dry and sleeping was good with the cool temps. Here is sampling of the cars in the show.

Sunday morning it was time to pack up and head home again.....another great camping weekend.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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