Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving in Pahrump, NV 2010

We decided to spend Thanksgiving this year in Pahrump, NV at Terribles Lakeside RV Resort and Casino.  We really like this Resort it is also very close the Death Valley where we like to take day trips sightseeing in the area. 
We arrived at Terribles about noon on Thanksgiving day got checked in, and gassed up for our return trip home. We had Site #92 right on the lake, great spot.  We got setup and Robin baked an apple pie for dessert.  She didn't cook Turkey this year and we went to the casino for their Thanksgiving buffet.  The food is pretty good, not a large variety but good.  Turkey,dressing,gravy & sweet potatoes are all I need.  Later that evening we had pie for dessert.  The temps were a bit chilly so we unhooked the water hose for the night, as we did every night we were there.

The next morning was in the 20's so using on board water overnight had been a good idea.  We were meeting a couple of friends from Minnesota that were checking in on Friday.  They showed up about 1pm with their popup.  They had two heaters with them to keep them warm.  We sat around and visited and Robin made fried rice and orange chicken for dinner and pie for dessert.

Saturday, chilly again, upper teens.  We decided on a road trip to Beatty, Nv and the ghost town of Rhyolite, NV. lots of desert scenery.  The sun was out and temps in the mid 50's. 
When we got back to the Resort we fed and walked the dogs and went to the casino for prime rib buffet.  It was a good day.  Some time during the night it started to rain, but by morning it had cleared up to be nice an sunny. 

Sunday we packed up and were on the road by 8:30.  We saw lots of RV's leaving the desert area around the Dumont Dunes.  There is alot of dry camping in that area and lots of ATV's having a ball running around the area.  When we got to the I15 at Baker the traffic was already getting pretty heavy.  A couple of times we were down to 30 mph or slower for a couple of miles and then it would open up again.  The closer we got to home the more windy it became.  Even with the wind and traffic we were home by 2pm.

Another great weekend with friends we hadn't seen in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Linda, very nice pictures of Pahrump and area. You have been able to do more sightseeing than we have...but we hope to get out there with some extra time soon. Thanks so much for your blog, it is great to be an armchair traveler on your site!! Look forward to seeing you in the next few months!! Jill

Linda B said...

We are liking the area more and more as we continue to go back. We really like the campground.