Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Vid of rain in Quartzsite

First let me say that this was our first trip to Quartzsite. I must say that seeing it for the first time Quartzsite in January is more of an "experience" than it is a place.

For those of you that have never been there, in January and sometimes longer this little town of about 3,000 turns into a swapmeet/rally/fair and more. It is the Sturgis of RV's. I have heard that numbers reach into the 100,000's. The surrounding area is Desert BLM land and cheap camping, no frills, just park in the desert.

Since this was our first trip we decided to stay in town at Rice Ranch campground with full hookups. Since the weather was iffy we are glad we did.

Karen, a friend from Fargo, ND had flown into California and joined us on this trip. She is also responsible for alot of the pictures and video in the slideshow.

We arrived about 9am in the rain on Thursday Jan 21st. We got checked in and setup and then the downpour started. Everything in the MH started up fine except for the water heater. We called the dealer back in CA and they suggested several things, none worked. So we went squishing off in the rain to find a repair man. Lots around, but we checked at the campground office to get a recommedation. After an hour standing in the rain it finally fired up. Condensation had built up. Once we got it dried out it was fine. We stayed in on Thursday watched a movie and played on the internet.

Friday we woke to a cloudy and breezy day, but dry. Off we went to check out the sites. Swapmeets all over the place. We started at the big tent where all the RV "stuff" you can't live without was located. Spent the day at various swapmeets, lot's of walking, there are food vendors all over the place so we had to check out some smoked turkey legs and we stopped and brought BBQ ribs and pulled pork and tri-tip for dinner. Yum!

Saturday, the weather was sunny and warmer, more walking and swapmeeting. We were invited to dinner at a friend of Karen's who winters in the area. Steak and baked potato, good stuff.

Sunday, time to pack up and head home. Nice day and sunshine on the way home. Snow on the hills in the Palm Springs area from all the storms.

I have to say we really enjoyed the weekend and we will probably be going back next year. Just seeing all the people and RV's from all over the country was cool. I like to people watch so I really enjoyed the weekend.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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